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What makes Just Service better than other companies when it comes to fixing computers?

Simply this, the computer was created from our industry. It was a Radio/TV repairman that built the first computer. It was in 1948 and was featured in Radio Electronics. It consisted of many switches, relays, capacitors, resistors, controls, and diodes.

The computer was called Simon.
Edmund Berkeley first described Simon in his 1949 book, "Giant Brains, or Machines That Think" and went on to publish plans to build Simon in a series of Radio Electronics issues in 1949, 1950 and 1951. Simon touched such pioneering computer scientists as Ivan Sutherland who went on to influence development of interactive graphical personal computers.

Long before the giants of today that manufacture computers, Radio/TV servicemen have designed, built and repaired all kinds of electronics including computers. Did you know that there is a microcomputer in just about every electronics gadget you own? From a TV set to a stereo and including all mobile devices, DVD players, VCR’s, Camcorder's: you name it. Even today’s new appliances including washers, dryers, refrigerators and microwave ovens all have a microcomputer inside them. 

Still today none of the manufactures technicians repair these products to component level. Radio/TV servicemen have always fixed these products to component level. The Radio/TV serviceman just has a better understanding of all electronics from their repair experience. We have a higher knowledge of how the hardware interacts with the software. This advanced knowledge comes from repairing all the different types of electronics gadgets out in the field. It is not taught in any school today. Try this today: call any of the big computer manufactures or computer only repair shops. Tell them you need a capacitor for your computers main PC board. See if they even know what you’re talking about or what the part number is. Ask them to send you a blueprint schematic for your PC. Almost every one of them will suggest you change the whole main pc board, instead of fixing the real problem. The problem here is that they just don’t know. 

Just Service not only does know, but also can fix any computer problem to component level. We have every capacitor in stock for just about every electronic gadget out there. This will translate in a big cost savings to the customer. Just Service is the only service center that offers this great computer service. We also are the only service center to offer lifetime tech support on any computer we fix. That’s right, lifetime technical support. So give us a call and try us out. You may be surprised.