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Just Service Management Repair Shop Software Solutions

If you are a new service shop owner or have a existing service shop, Just Service Inc. has the software for you.

This shop management software came about in 1989 out of frustration looking for a program that would manage all my needs. With no solutions available then and still now, I decided to design a program that would not only meet my needs, but the needs of any person in the repair business.

The program I came up with turned out to be so good, that when I demonstrated it for corporate managers from Toshiba, JVC, and Sony they called me a genius and told me that I was in the wrong business---I should be in the software management business! I was only trying to streamline the entire paper work process of taking a unit in, looking up technical data, ordering parts, and making the repairs.
Check out these features !!!

Feature: Technical Tips At Your Finger Tips.
Imagine opening a unit for repair and remembering that you repaired this model with the same problem a year ago, but you can't remember what you did to fix the problem. This is one of the first and main features that came about. Not only can you access your repair tips in just a few key strokes, but you can edit them to your liking. This file stores unlimited numbers of service bulletins and repair tips.
Feature: Complete Customer Invoicing And Tracking In 3 key Strokes Or Less.  
New C.O.D. customer, repeat customer, warranty customer, recall customer, view customer. A fast new way to enter or find all your customer files in a jif. Lets say a previous customer, who's already in your data base, brings in another unit for repair. Just type in any part of his or her last name into the system and Voila! A new job order is created with all the customer information on it. Then type in the make, model, serial #, and the complaint, then print. It doesn't get any simpler.
Feature: Job Search In A Snap.  
One man shop or multi-man shop, this feature will pull up all of your open repair orders in just one, YES, ONE key stroke. I dare any programmer to try that.
Feature: Part Ordering In Just 2 Minutes.  
Need a part for a job or for stock? These feature lets you select part orders to fill from invoices or from any stock order. Just pick a vender of choice per order. Next one more key stroke will compile and create all of your filled orders and assign them each a P.O. # with the current date. It will also automatically put this information on each customer invoice for quick reference. What more could you ask for.
Feature: Customer Jobs Fixed But Not Picked Up. C.O.G  
Very similar to job search, but password protected for service managers to see only. Still only one key stroke to open this file and view all jobs that have been repaired but that are not picked up yet. Makes it very easy to go through this file and call all of your customers. (I used to watch George Jetson a lot---with his one finger button job).
Feature: Customer Picked Up And Billing.  
Very similar to view customer; just type in either the invoice # or customer name and method of payment. The printer prompts you if you want to print this invoice, one key later your invoice is waiting to be torn off the printer and given to your customer. This file is now closed out and removed from the C.O.G file. (customer owned goods)
Feature: Service Manual Inventory.  
How many times do you run across this problem: You're working on a repair and you need to use a service manual that you have in stock. The problem is, the same service manual covers many other model numbers and you don't know where it may be filed. Just 4 strokes on the keyboard and there you have it. This file tells you what the main model # is and tells you what supplement to use. You can also use this file for cross referencing one make and model to another. (Zenith VR2000 same as JVC hrd180u)
Feature: Parts In Stock And Backwards Cross reference.  
This is a great feature: lets say your repairing an old Luxman receiver and it has an FM problem. You need the service manual but the MFG is out of business. The FM circuit uses an LA3400 IC and an LA1245 IC. Just type the IC number into the generic parts field and hit the enter key. It will pull up 2,3 or 4 other MFG makes and models that uses these parts. You may already have a schematic in stock for this circuit.
Feature: Easy operation menus. No manuals required.
The software was designed by myself with 30 years experience to help minimize my time with the most streamline functionality possible. Most software designers don't work in the industry's they design software for. They just don't get it. Less is better. Not more. Oh by the way this program only takes up less than 1 meg of space.
There are too many more features to list for this software. If you want to save lots of time and money, this software is a must !! To purchase or get more information on this amazing business tool. Click Here Now !