Just Service Repair Order Form 773-871-7171
Please fill in the blanks as needed, print form and enclose form inside box with item.
  If shipping from Company use this side
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  If shipping from Residence use this side
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Unit Make:
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Problem with unit or Reason for Repair:

Is the item under warranty?
I am paying for repair.
If Yes, Please enclose the original sales receipt, no copies.
Please use the original box and packing the item came with. If you do not have the
original box and packing be sure to use bubble wrap and or packing peanuts. Also make
sure the box is big enough and strong enough to prevent shipping damage.

Note: Do not use Shoeboxes and newspaper as packing materials,
for this will cause shipping damage to your item.

We suggest using UPS, FED-X or DHL for shipping because they give a tracking
number and require a signature on delivery. Using the post office for shipping could be a
problem because they leave packages, without anyone signing for them.

Ship To:

Just Service, Inc.
2940 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657