Just Service Inc. warrants only its labor and analysis. Any failure of equipment to operate due to failure of parts, components and accessories installed is the liability of the manufacturers and not Just Service. Just Service shall attempt to install parts ordered from manufacturer who warrant their product and will replace defective parts where necessary, but may have to charge for labor expended unless the manufacturer specifically warrants the installer for its labor in reinstalling their defective parts.

The Just Service Inc. warranty is further limited to ninety days from delivery of equipment to customer and is also limited to use of equipment as intended by the manufacturer and specifically excludes repairs to items not used as intended or those items damaged by power surges, lightening or any form of abuse. Just Service Inc. does not warranty any items brought in for service that were purchased from ebay or any other auction websites. If a repaired item is returned to the shop under the Just Service warranty and no problem is found a $40.00 bench charge shall assess and will be paid by customer. 

What you must do for a warranty service: If your unit needs service, it may be taken or shipped to Just Service Inc 2940 N. Clark Street Chicago IL 60657. You are responsible for transporting your unit or arranging for its transportation. If shipment of your unit is required you must pay the initial shipping charges but we will pay the return shipping charges if the repairs are covered by the warranty. If shipping the product in for service, please be sure to package it carefully preferably in the original packaging. Please use are repair order form and include it along with a brief description of the problem you are having. 

Just Service Inc. does not perform repairs on a contingent basis. If the item being serviced is found unrepairable due to a lack of availability of the necessary parts from the manufacturer, no support from manufacturer due to age of unit or if the item is unrepairable because of damage to the item from poor design or construction, power surges, lightning or other unnatural causes the customer is liable for payment to Just Service for its time.

The actual repair price may be less than the estimate, but will not exceed the estimate by more than 20% or $45.00 which ever is less without the consent of the customer. The estimate herein is based upon the customer complaint recited on the face hereof. If inspection of subject item by our technicians or support staff reveals problems in addition to or other than that in the customer complaint, a labor charge shall assess without regard to the customer-authorizing repair. Estimates are only good for 3 days, if customer does not respond to estimate given within 3 days approving or disapproving, the item in for repair will be repaired and charged to customer.

Antique or Obsolete items: As industry standards deem a product in excess of three years old obsolete, Just Service does not warranty any items that are deemed obsolete by the manufacturer or are over the age of five years.

Poor manufacturing and factory defects: the Just Service repair charges are charges for labor expended and cost of parts in furtherance of repair. Just Service does not warranty factory defects or poor performance items. Items that have a high failure rate due to incompetent design are not covered by the Just Service warranty. Just Service shall attempt to repair such items but may have to charge the customer for such repairs.

Digital Electronics: With the advent of new digital components and the daily evolution and changing digital connections including HDMI and other new digital connections, Just Service inc. does not warranty any of these types of repairs due to the incompatibility of one manufactured design to another, incorrect or inexact firmware, incompatible components or software incapability. In such instances if the item is unrepairable the customer is liable for payment to Just Service for its time.

Shipping costs, packing materials, transportation charges, fuel surcharges, environmental charges, taxes and disposal fees may apply to some repairs and are additional charges paid by customer in addition to repair cost.

Just Service Inc. is not responsible for any loss or corruption of data in hard drives or data storage systems. The customer has been advised to store data on backup discs or backup systems like www.Vdatacom.com.

The time necessary for repairs can very greatly depending on problems with repair items. Just Service does not promise or guaranty a specific time or date for any repair. Just Service makes every attempt to perform repairs in a timely manner but is limited by: research, back ordered parts, wrong parts sent, substituted parts that are inoperable or incompatible, misprints in schematics, unavailability of schematics, non responsive manufacturers, incompetence or malfeasance in manufacturing, unit that have been tampered with by customer or third parties, units missing parts, newness of product causing a lack of technical support from manufacturers, nonexistent manufacturers, incompatible software and any other cause for delay not occasioned by Just Service. We urge customers to exercise patience in such circumstances.

Cancellation of any repair before job completion will result in the full charge approved by the customer and must be preformed in writing or by email. Contracting Just Service Inc. for any of its services is an extension of credit. Any repair job completed and not picked up and paid for by customer within 30 days of the repair date as notified on our web site, including any additional charges and storage fees, will be reported to the credit bureaus as delinquent.

We urge customers to use the online repair status system to check their repair status.

Please go to www.justservice.com and click on the link: “Repair Status”.

Only the customer on the face of this invoice is allowed access to repair status by web site or Just Service staff. Any 3 rd party inquiries may result in additional fees.

Executive, attorney and technical fees charges are as stated: Letter responses, copies, postage, shipping, packing material, executive, attorney and technical time on or off premise are additional charges to be paid by customer. A billing rate of $100 per hour but not to exceed $300 per hour shall be assessed.

Not responsible for items left past 30 days after date repaired. Storage fees of $10.00 per day will be assessed until unit is picked up or resolved. In no event does Just Service Inc. provide refunds on any repair, sales, service, parts or tech support.